A Life Free of Anxiety Disorder

Written On: April 11, 2016

By: Johnnie C. Miller

Anxiety disorder treatment is a necessary step to take for all people who suffer from panic attacks, OCD, generalized anxiety disorder or some other conditions which belong to this category. Before any kind of treatment, however, a diagnostic procedure needs to take place, where the doctor carefully examines the state of the patient, noticing the reasons behind his/her condition. This is very important, especially in cases where some other, underlying illnesses trigger anxiety disorders.   Once a patient seeks medical assistance for anxiety disorders, it is advisable for him/her to notify the doctor about any previous treatments. All information is crucial for forming a new type of anxiety disorder treatment, so this form of cooperation is a must. woman holding bottle and taking anxiety pills

Based on the symptoms, the medical history and the general health of the patent, the treatment may take several different forms. The first step are usually medications, being considered as a temporary measure prior to psychotherapy.

Antidepressants are frequently prescribed for controlling anxiety disorders. The treatment requires taking the medications for several weeks before any noticeable effects take place. Therefore, persistence is a very important factor for this part of anxiety disorder treatment.  

Alternatively, SSRIs, or selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors like Prozac, Zoloft and Lexapro can be used for treatment of OCD, post-traumatic stress disorder and social phobia. Also, medications quite similar to these are commonly used in the treatment for generalized anxiety disorder. Since all of these disorders are subtypes of anxiety disorders, all these treatments are actually possible solutions for dealing with this larger health problem. MAO inhibitors and tricyclics can be used as alternatives for anxiety attacks too but, since these are often related to some potentially serious side-effects, consulting with your health experts before taking them is highly recommended.   

different types of anti anxiety pills on the table Anti-anxiety drugs present a form of anxiety disorder treatment which has the smallest occurrence of side-effects, regardless of the prescribed dose, provided that the patients have not had any previous cases of alcohol or drug addiction.

As far as this category is concerned, Clonazepam is mostly used for treating social phobia and generalized anxiety disorder, while Ativan is suitable for treating anxiety disorders.

Xanax is more versatile and can be used for all three of these health problems.  

Finally, beta-blockers, originally used for heart problem treatments, can find their purpose in anxiety disorder treatment too, especially for social phobia.   Should medications fail to give any adequate results, psychotherapy is the next step towards a successful treatment. Cognitive-behavioral therapy has proven to be the most effective one for these purposes, helping people overcome phobias and anxiety by changing the attitudes and mental reactions that anxiety disorder tends to trigger. This individual therapy lasts for about 3 months. It can also take place in groups, most often for patients suffering from social phobia.