How to Avoid Stress on Holiday

Written On: May 7, 2016

By: Billie B. Hamilton

Holidays should be a time for relaxing, but, all too often, by the time you’re at the airport you are feeling more than a little stressed from all the preparations that were required to get you there.  There’s always the passport to check and get updated in time if necessary, the right clothes to find or buy, the travel insurance to arrange, and so on. Then there’s the matter of whether you should drive and park at the airport or whether someone can drop you off, and the worry about traffic unless it’s the dead of night. Most of these things are unavoidable, and the only way to cope with them without undue stress is to sort them out in plenty of time rather than leave anything to the last minute. 

picture of couple relaxing on beach There are some other tips to reduce stress on holiday so that you can actually get the maximum enjoyment from it, and these are as follows: Go for an all-inclusive deal if you’re really looking to relax on holiday, so that you don’t have more things to deal with once you’re at your destination. There’s no need to worry about getting to and from your hotel, where to eat during the day and in the evening, how to hire a car, and so on. All these things are taken care of for you so that you can truly relax and enjoy.

You may wish to take an evening meal in a local restaurant on the odd occasion, but the money lost in terms of your full-board deal is tiny in comparison with the freedom from worry that it confers. There is something about water that relaxes the human soul and a waterfront location for a holiday hotel or chalet is always nice. Even being by the side of a lake is beautiful and soothing, whilst a pool with your chalet or self-catering apartment is idyllic for many. Once you get to your destination and settle in, it’s best to unpack your suitcase and hang up your clothes. Not only will they keep freer from creases but you then have created a home from home, and a place you can relax in.

portrait of a family on vacation If you’re living out of a suitcase you’re constantly scrimmaging around to find items and everything is strewn around creating an atmosphere that is definitely not Feng Shui. In the run up to your holiday you will probably find out a few pieces of information about your resort, things to see, and local spots to visit. This is fine, but you shouldn’t tie yourself down to set timetables or itineraries, because one of the joys of being on holiday is to please yourself. If you change your mind at the last minute, it’s fine. It’s up to you, (and companions of course). Remember to take out comprehensive travel insurance before you go, so that you have some peace of mind if you should get ill or have an accident. Also be sure to have sufficient cash and a back-up credit card or source of funds just in case of need.